Christmas Inventory

Fresh Fruit


The large German strawberry measures 3 ½ inches long. It is unsilvered and has 6 embossed green leaves on the top.
Price: SOLD

Cute as can be, this unusual strawberry grouping has 3 small composition berry’s and one mini berry hanging on a fabric stem. All have fabric  leaves and there is one larger leaf attached. The ornament measures 2 ½ inches high.
Price: $65


The large German glass peach is covered with Venetian dew, and it has a blush of peach color on one side. It measures 3 inches high.
Price: $55

The smaller German peach measures 2 ¼ inches. It is covered with a mat finish and is unsilvered. It has 2 blush colors decorating the front side.
Price: SOLD


The larger red German apple measures 2 ½ inches high. It is unsilvered and painted in a great red color.
Price: SOLD

The smaller German apple measures 2 ¼ inches high. It is in a similar color as the larger apple and is also unsilvered.
Price: SOLD


The larger German spun cotton orange measures 2 ¼ inches high and has mica flakes scatter throughout. It has a fabric attached to the top.
Price: SOLD

The cute mini spun cotton orange measures 1 inch high. It is covered with mica flakes.
Price: $50


This hard to find, German glass lemon, measures 2 ½ inches high. It is unsilvered and decorated in a great lemon color.
Price: $55

The small spun cotton lemon measures 2 inches high and is covered In mica flakes.
Price: SOLD


Wonderful orange and yellow spun cotton pear is wire wrapped and includes a decorative leave attached to the top. It is 3 inches high.
Price: SOLD

The small orange and yellow spun cotton pear is also wire wrapped and includes a decorative leaf on the top. It is 2 inches high.
Price: SOLD


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