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Painted Decorated Dome Top Box

Small painted and linear grained pine dome top valuables box in shades of ochre. Fine original condition including the hardware. Circa 1820-1840 and of New England origin. It measures 12 ¼ inches wide by 7 ½ inches deep by 6 ½ inches high.

Price: SOLD

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Iron Lobster Form Boot Jack

Very rare iron lobster form boot jack in exceptionally fine condition including the original red painted surface. From the early part of the 20th century. Found in MA. It measures 10 inches long by 4 ½ inches wide by 2 ¼ inches high.

Price: $1250

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Carved Wooden Gold Leaf Eagle

Nicely detailed spread winged wooden eagle retaining the original patinated gold surface. The talons grasp a wooden oval ring symbolizing life and rebirth. Circa 1840-80. It measures 17 inches wide by 6 ½ inches high by 2 ½ inches deep.

: $950

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Appliqued Tulip Quilt

Very nice cotton quilt with 12 squares. Each square has 4 red tulips in the corners and they are connected at the middle to a leaf pattern. The border colors are light tan. The quilt measures 82 inches by 62 inches and is in very good condition. Found in NH.

Price: SOLD

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